Create Soft Beautiful Images

Software Required:  Photoshop CS6+ Beginner + Skill Level

Approximately 1 hour of full instruction - I apologize in advance for the street noise and the occasional meow of Charming, and to compensate for this, I have reduced the price so that its not that annoying!!  Pieces of audio have been removed when no talking occurs. Please share your images using this or any other technique we teach, so we can feature your work on our social media!


Complete Fairy Portrait Composite

Software Required:  Photoshop CS6+ Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level

Over an hour and twelve minutes of Instruction in the form of video tutorial.  Items used to create (not included - recommended actions if you wish to recreate exactly as is):  Fairy Portrait Action, Retouch Set, Personal Stock, Alien Skin Exposure 7-->


Complete Creative Edit Video Tutorial

Software Required:  Photoshop CS6+ RequiredIntermediate to Advanced Skill Level

Over an hour of instruction!  Learn how Nikki creates amazing, painting styled portraits.  

Advanced Dodging and Burning Video Tutorial

Software Required:  Photoshop CS6+ Beginner + Skill Level

Over 35 minutes of running time.  Learn how to create beautiful glowing skin.




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