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SO MUCH. Yes so much is new.  This is a new Community, join our FORUM, browse our new products, new tutorials, new inspiring DIY video's, get business tips from seasoned pros, read articles from guest writers, photographers and a ton more. 

Welcome to the Chasing Light Tools for the Artistic Creative
by Nikki Harrison

We have created this website as more than just a mere store.  This is a community, a place where you can kick back, watch a video or 2, join our forum, post items for sale or buy photography gear. Have a question or want to learn how to paint a back drop, make a head piece or heck, even edit a Moon Fairy?  You came to the right place.  We are taking the Facebook out of Social media and bringing into our own place, you will see everything, nothing is hidden or controlled by anyone outside.

Join.  Share. Grow.