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Photography Backdrops

These backdrops were created by Master Photographer Nikki Harrison and are printed on high quality non-reflective fabric. Currently we do not offer any other materials for our drops because we feel this is the most requested style and type for studio photographers. We are offering a limited number of artistic, unique one of a kind Photography Backgrounds and will only offer them for a limited time, before we retire them and offer new ones. We currently offer various sizes for all of our drops, sizing is based on the design.

Shipping to Canada or the USA is a flat $25.
Australia is $55.
All pricing in USD.

8x16 Drops —- $550

10x10 Drops —— $399

8x10 Drops —— $365

6x8 Drops —— $315

Check back often as we add more Photography Backgrounds to our store this spring.


FREE with purchase of any Backdrop!

112 Overlay Image Set

For creative use with any images. Use by dragging onto existing image and using the transform tool, resize to fit your image.

Trying multiple blend modes to create different looks on your images! Once you have made your purchase, we will send you your overlay set.