Chasing Light Artistic Tools for Creatives


Beginners Photoshop Course


Beginners who are interested in starting out in Photoshop will enjoy these very simple and easy to understand courses. After completion of these three segments, you will be ready to move onto Intermediate, and then Advanced Photoshop Courses.



In this segment, learn how to set up your workspace to reflect your needs. Every person is different, and the tools you use in your everyday editing will differ from person to person.

Familiarize yourself with the items you want to focus on, and set up your space accordingly.



There are a gazillion tools in Photoshop and where to begin is challenging if you are completely unfamiliar. Nikki will walk you through the basic photoshop tools and their uses. You decide which ones you want to focus on in your photoshop journey.


Layer Masks

Working with layers and layer masks is an integral part of what makes Photoshop so dreamy. We now have abilities to work and create far beyond what we could do before layers were introduced. Learn for yourself exactly how incredible and powerful layers are to newer Photoshop users.


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