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Cloud Overlay Set

Actions, Textures-OverlaysNikki Harrison


So it is time to create a new cloud overlay set, but I still find using the same first set I created, easy to do.  Using so many options in Photoshop, you can create completely different looking skies, by changing the colors and different adjustment layers.  If you are still using Elements, you really need to step up your game and invest in your photography by getting Photoshop.  I use Photoshop CC because I need to use all of the entire suite of products that is available from Adobe.  Here is a before and after of an image that uses the cloud overlay.


Textures-OverlaysNikki Harrison

So I am putting up free .png files from time to time and last week I put up some Butterflies. On our Facebook Page, we had a bunch of followers show us how they used them in their photography.  I love seeing how photographers use my actions, overlays and give aways!

Here is a direct link to the FREE file if you can't find it. Here are a couple images showing how I used them!  Remember to "like" and "follow" us on Facebook so you don't miss contests and giveaways!

CL Butterfly PNGCL Butterfly PNG




Combining a Lot of Chasing Light Products

Actions, Textures-OverlaysNikki Harrison

So, like I always say,  use all the products that I create.  Many times I actually forget to use some of the older ones, like Romantica.  Right now you can still buy it, but only for April and then it will disappear again.  Romantica along with Romeo and Juliette and Antony and Cleopatra.  These are still some of my favourite actions.  Hansel and Gretel is still, the NUMBER ONE best selling action.  It too will disappear as of May 1. The best results that I get when I am creating images, is when I use ocean and cloud overlays, with texture overlays and multiple actions.  Unfortunately, NO one action is used to create the huge epic style imagery you see me create from time to time.

For instance.  This image I used the following:

  • Retouch set:  Skin Perfection, Cherry Cheeks and Lips, Smokey Eye
  • Ocean & Cloud Overlay:  #1
  • Texture Overlay:  Set #1 - Summer Skies
  • Robust Bundle:  Moulin Rouge
  • Chemistry Set:   Evening Walk, Magic Matt