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Cost of Education for Photography

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© nikki harrison

© nikki harrison

Wow, the cost of photography is expensive enough right?  Now throw in the many many workshops you can take and it adds up exponentially.  But is there really a dollar value on education?  Yes there is.  However, finding the RIGHT venue to get your education is the question. Where do you go?  So lets compare the costs out there and the associated value.

#1.  Creative Live - the courses at CL are FREE provided you can watch them while they are airing them live or during the rebroadcast portion.  You do not have access to the PDF documents or other course additions that are only provided with purchase of the course.  Cost per course?  Between $99 - $149 per - genre's covered?  All over the place from photography to scrapbooking.

#2.  Kelby Training - the courses at KT are out of this world!  They are taught by the industry BEST, not up and comers.  Season's pro's that have been tried tested and true.   The courses are at your finger tips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can opt for several different ways to pay.  You can pay via a monthly or annual membership ($249/yr slightly more than only ONE course at Creative Live) and access to literally hundreds of amazing workshops.  Don't want a membership?  You can now RENT a workshop for 3 days, watch it as many times as you want without the commitment.  Cost?  $6.99.  WOW!!!  Genre's covered?  Everything from beginners editing and software training to advanced, + all things photography.  Scott Kelby has not missed anything.

#3.  Phlearn - very cool styles of photography are done at phlearn.  Lots of free stuff and lots of paid stuff for the exceptionally creative courses.  Averaging $24.99+ for a course is really economical compared to others.  This price includes all download files and every step taken to create the image.  Check them out here:

#4.  Youtube - many really talented photographers have claimed that everything they know they learned from youtube.  Believe it or not, youtube is the second most used search engines in the WORLD now next to google.  You can learn a million things for free on youtube.  If you have no budget, this is the place to go!

Bottom line?  Our research shows Kelby Training is the best value for paid online photography courses.  Go check them out!!