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Finding Inspiration - Merging it with Your Vision

Nikki HarrisonComment
"Where or where, far out there Inspiration?
Where is it, where can I find it?"

So, the way I know I'm losing my creative "edge" is normally when I cannot find inspiration, or a flood of creativity any more.  The thought of picking up my camera feels more like a "job" than a passion.

Normally when this happens, its time for me to take a trip, whether its just a drive away for the weekend, put the phone down, shut down social media and snuggle up with my sweetie, or jumping on a plane and going to a big city and walking for  hours.

I knew I was reaching this point a couple weeks ago, nothing I did was anything I "loved" and I felt like I was falling flat on the creative side of things.  My recent trip to Los Angeles was just what I needed.  Walking around, seeing all kinds of clothing, being able to purchase very inexpensive wardrobe for my studio, and seeing the visions of beauty I would create with them, brought back my excitement.

We all evolve and grow, we change direction, and try new things during this photography journey. This next year I am doing a ton a speaking, teaching and traveling.  This is a new direction for me, since I normally focus on portrait sessions and creative work within my little area of Canada.  I am excited to meet a bunch of fellow photographers, share what I do, how I do it and see the fruit of that sharing come out of other photographers work.

At the same time, I feel my own creative juices evolving, changing.  I have never been interested in fashion photography, the photography of clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc, has never been anything of interest to me.  I've always been much more enraptured by the person, and the clothing was a supporting part of the image.  But now, I feel like I want to step up the high end portrait game by using much more interesting wardrobe, so since I can't afford to buy the amazing designs I'm most drawn to, I will start sewing more.  Ah, I have so many stories to tell via imagery, I'm excited for this next chapter.

Word of advice?  Don't get distracted by other photographers work.  I know, I know, its hard. But if you are constantly seeing someone else's work, and are trying to recreate it, you will suffocate the "you" in your work.  Nothing wrong with seeing imagery that resonates with you and loving it, but in order to be true to YOUR work and YOUR style, you need to find a way to implement tiny pieces of that into your work, and stop trying to make that image, as yours.

I feel like my style and body of work is a compilation of all the online courses, all images I adore, all my favorite photographers, kind of merged into ME.  Most people can see an image and know it is mine long before they see my watermark or my name.

So take trip, shut down for a couple days if you feel uninspired.  Remember the most important part of our lives are our families and our friends.  Spending more time with them and laughing and loving them, a lot of times will be all we need to get refreshed and re-stimulated!