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Getting ahead of Instagram and Facebook

Nikki HarrisonComment

Ugh, so we all know how annoying it is to finally start growing a following and then "BAM" the algorithms get changed and suddenly NO ONE except 5 people are seeing your posts.

There is really very little you can do, and sorry, but there is no other way other than paying for your posts to be seen.  You can see all kinds of people promising they have the "secret" to not paying for exposure on Facebook and Instagram.  And…… they are the ones typically trying to get you over to their BLOG on their website or they are asking for money.

So how do you win?  There are a few tips you can try:

Instagram Tips:

  • More engagement:  When you post images on Instagram, try asking a question on each post, this usually will result in people commenting or answering the question as it pertains to them.  WIN! This means more engagement, therefore more people will see your post.  Also, don't forget to remind people they can see all your posts first by turning this on:

Look at your engagement!  Take a peek at who is following your work and reciprocate.  If you are active on other people's pages, commenting and being engaging, this can cause other people to begin to discover your account.

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 7.35.36 AM.png
  • Stay consistent!  If you want people to fall in love with your art or photography, then show them!  Do not mix in images of your pets, babies, kids, food or any other vacation stuff.  If you absolutely must show what you ate for supper tonight, then set up a separate personal Instagram account, and share away.  I never put anything personal on my art account, saving my kitty pictures for my personal account.  I mean, if people REALLY want to see your cat chasing snow flakes through the window (and yes, yes they really do) then set up that personal account. Interested in my very kitty related personal insta?  Click here to see my feline nuttiness.

Facebook Tips:

Facebook is the platform that most older demographic is on.  It is a community of groups in a million different industries.  Our industry alone has over 1 million photography related groups alone.  You can find a sense of community by sharing from your business or personal page, images in these groups.  But beware!  The groups are filled with all kinds of keyboard social media warriors, mean, rude, critical and down right cruel people.  Grow a thick skin and be prepared for it.  There is no other way around the largest groups, like Photoshop and Lightroom or other groups with 10's of thousands of people.

Business Tips for Facebook:

  • The best feature about Facebook is your ability to target and zero in on your ideal customer.  Seriously if you are not using Facebook ads, you are doing yourself an injustice. If you are in the States, you have even more of an edge and here's why.  You can target a demographic based on their income!  If you wanted to target people that actually can afford your work, this is a fabulous tool!  We here in Canada cannot, for whatever reason, but if we did I'd be all over that.
  • Target people by interests, wow this is huge!  If you are trying to sell child or baby portraits, you can target in on young mothers through trending fads.  "Gentle Parenting" (its a thing) or "Breast Feeding" are a couple that come to mind.  Explore it!  
  • Share from your business page to your personal page.  Used to be, if you posted business related items on your personal page, Facebook would literally shut you down.  Gone.  Bye bye.  And there went all your followers.  Not so much any more, now it seems to be overlooked, probably because Facebook doesn't really show anyone your posts anyway, so really why the hell do they care?!
  • My advice?  Blog.  From your website.  Share your blog posts in these groups on Facebook, not from your page.  Share your blog posts on your personal and business pages, not very many of your followers will see, but we all have to start taking control of our own social following now.  Take it back folks instead of giving it all away to Zuckerberg.

Patreon! YES!

I stumbled on Patreon and fell in love.  I am an artist, and an educator.  I didn't get involved in photography to become an educator but you do get pulled in once you develop a style and people begin to love your work.  So, because time is money, and so many people may love your work and ask you a gazillion questions either in groups or via messenger, why not set up a Social media platform that allows you to have FULL control over who see's your content and who does not?  Patreon allows you to develop your community, people can join for free, or if they want your time, they can donate money to a particular tier of patronage, and they will get the rewards of that donation via that tier.  Curious?  Take a Peek at mine here: