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Using the "Love Set" with Boudoir

ActionsNikki HarrisonComment

I love natural light.  I love studio light.  Okay.  I love light.  Painting with light specifically.  When I shoot outside there is no real direction of the light, I shoot when the light is flat (cloudy) or just after sunset so that again, there is no real contrast.  This way I can direct the light any way I want.  However, when I shoot in studio, I can control every aspect of the lighting direction and achieve exactly what I see in my minds eye as well.  I don't shoot a lot of Boudoir.  Not that I don't want to, I just haven't.  I would like to, very much.  I think the female body is a work of art, an incredible schwoopy canvas on which to play.  (I love the word schwoopy, many young ladies ask me what that means when I tell them how to pose).  This is an example of schwoopy.  I love her posing ability and the fact that she is aware of herself.  The perfect model is one that is aware of themselves, and ooze the confidence to pull off the pose.  This image was processed with "Butterflies" from the Romance Set.  As you can see, there was a great deal of retouching to achieve the final effect.  The final "butterflies" action really did complete this image.