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Using Alien Skin Exposure 6 in your Workflow

Tutorials-WorkshopsNikki Harrison

I too, am a huge fan of Alien Skin, Exposure 6.  Yes, I create actions so that I can recreate the same processing to my images over and over.  I create them in a way that I can tweak them for optimum results on the specific image I am working on.  (not all actions work on all images, right?)  Well, if you are wanting to add DRAMA and a film look, to your images, Alien Skin is the program for you. In my Facebook photography group, I have had so many requests for a tutorial, that I approached Alien Skin and asked their permission.  They not only gave it to me, but they offered to promote it, if they could use it and post it on their blog as well!  Win - win for everyone.

Here is a before and after of the image that I used for this tutorial.  You can click here to go to the Alien Skin blog and watch this 15 minute tutorial.  Be prepared to purchase though, you will have your mind blown.

Alien Skin Tut

Alien Skin Tut