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Start thinking like a business owner, not like a photographer

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Pamela Jean ~Be Brave in Business

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What have I done?!

When I started my first studio 29 years ago, I gave myself the title of “Professional Photographer”, joined my state and national association, and purchased equipment that other professionals used, therefore that made me a professional.  It didn’t take long for me to realize, that having the title of professional photographer didn’t mean a thing when it came down to it.  In reality I was a business owner.

I would dare say that most photographers and artists did not grow up with the goal of owning their own business.  But here we are business owners.  So what now?  How can we turn our passion and love for our craft into a viable income?   How can we make a living doing what we love to do?

Start thinking like a business owner, not like a photographer.

Here are 5 keys to business success that I will expand upon in upcoming months:

1.     Cost of Doing Business; how much does it cost you to run your business?  What is your hourly expense rate?  What is your profit margin on every job you do?  Do you have your prices set to where you will be profitable on every job?

2.     Pricing Strategy; what is your pricing strategy?  Do you know why you have your prices set as they are, or are you taking a wild guess?  You must have an understanding of the cost of running your business before you can set your prices.

3.     Sales System; Do you have a successful sales system in place to reach your financial needs and goals?  Are you maximizing the sale of every client that you serve?  Are you order taking or serving your clients properly?

4.     Branding & Marketing; are you successfully creating desire for your work?  Have you positioned your studio to be the most sought in your area?  Do you have a yearly marketing calendar ready to promote your business?

5.     Purpose & Systems; Do you have an understanding behind everything that happens in your business?  Why do you do what you do?  Do you have systems in please to maximize efficiency and success?


Buckle your seat belts friends; we are in for a great ride exploring the aspects of running a successful business.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and cannot wait to see your businesses grow and help in reaching your financial goals!