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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions and Terms of Use:

  1. Will I get my purchase instantly?
    In most instances, yes, however, due to the high increase in fraud with digital downloads, you will receive your purchase once your payment is verified to be authentic. This is for your protection as well as the protection of our digital goods. All payments are in U.S. dollars.

  2. Do your Actions work with Elements?
    Not with Elements no. The ACTIONS created by Chasing Light are for Photoshop CS5 and above.
    All overlays, textures and .png files will work fine in any image editing software. Light Room Presets will work with most recent versions of LR.

  3. How do I install my Photoshop Actions?
    Simply download and save to your hard drive in a safe folder. (Window’s users, make sure you SAVE your actions, do not OPEN them when Window’s asks you what you want to do with them) Make sure you note where you save your actions. You can usually double click the action and it will open directly in photoshop. You can also open it from within the actions panel in photoshop. PLEASE SAVE A COPY OF ALL YOUR PURCHASES

    ON ANOTHER DEVICE. Our products change all the time, so a product you purchased may not be available again in a few months as a RE-download for you.

  4. How do I install my overlays & textures?
    There is no installation required, simply save them in safe folders and open them in Photoshop when you want to use them. All overlays and textures are created at 72dpi, which is sufficient for their intended use. Simply drag the item onto the image you are currently working on and using your transform tool, drag the corners of the item to fit over your entire image, hit enter. Using various blend modes will change the look of the texture or overlay!

  5. My download wasn’t successful?
    FIRST – please make sure you know where your download folder is. This is the #1 reason people think they didn’t download. Do not interrupt the download until it is complete. You have 24 hours to download. Due to the system of payment and links, it is not possible to reset links after your 24 hours are up. It is your responsibility to back up and save your digital goods, we cannot be responsible for lost files.

  6. My payment keeps getting declined, do you offer payment by paypal? Paypal has recently changed the way it deals with fraud, which makes the sale of digital goods to precarious. We only offer Stripe at this time, which requires the use of a legitimate credit card, they don’t accept debit visa cards at this time.

Download Times cannot be extended — links are not reset due to the high instances of fraud. 

  1. I purchased your actions and didn’t realize they don’t work with Elements, can I have my money back?
    No, unfortunately once you receive the product, you have it. We cannot take it back. There are no refunds under any circumstances, due to the nature of the media.

  2. Will you do more free tutorials?
    We will always offer free tutorials for our products. When we are demonstrating a more creative edit in addition to our actions, we may charge for long and in-depth tutorials. If you are interested in fully paid creative edit course, please click here to visit our school.

  3. Can I build my own bundle?
    No there are no substitutions or replacements within a bundle, all are sold as is.

  4. My hard drive crashed and I didn’t back up. Can you reset my original links?
    It is very important to back up your computer!! Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with computer crashes, remember to back up all of your actions and other PS tools regularly. Our sets, bundles and products are constantly changing and items being replaced, upgraded, removed. We cannot keep track of everyone’s purchase, we are just a small online business, this is not a big company that can offer those features. It is your responsibility to back up all your purchased digital goods, it should be part of your every day routine. Just imagine what would happen if you lost your digital image files, maybe save your files with them in a separate folder.

Terms of Use:

By downloading any digital media from Chasing Light Actions Website you agree that you cannot resell, share or otherwise distribute any of the content you purchase.  If you do so, you will be prosecuted fully.  Please note:  all sharing sites that provide download links to any content that is the property of Chasing Light is directly and immediately linked to us and will be discovered and taken down immediately.  These digital goods were created and developed with hard work, commitment and in doing so, stealing them will always be discovered and dealt with accordingly, immediately.  Save yourself the legal fees, just buy them yourself.

We do not share, sell or in anyway distribute information collected about our customers.