Chasing Light Artistic Tools for Creatives

Intermediate to Advanced Editing Tutorials

Please check back often as new tutorials will be added constantly to this library.

Advanced Dodging & Burning


"How do you get that Painterly Look?" we hear this all the time.  It is by dodging and burning your images. The more adept you get at this technique, the more painterly your images will look. 

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Advanced Liquify


This is a video that shows you how to use this tool in an extreme way. This is not a typical way to use the tool, it is for demonstration purposes only. After you view this tutorial you will be able to work with the liquify tool much easier.

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Mixer Brush for Painting


The Mixer Brush is a tool found in the Brush fly out menu in Photoshop. There are many uses to this extraordinary brush. Learn how you can use it for retouching and painting here.

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