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Photographer Spotlight for July 2018 - Jason Abbott

Nikki Harrison2 Comments
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You are an amazing photographer! Your attention to details and posing and lighting is amazing. What is your favourite subject to shoot?

             Thank you for your kind words. I love photographing people. I love the character of the human face.

 When did you discover the photography bug?

             I have dabbled in photography most of my life. Around 2006-7 I wanted to start taking images of my 3 children while they were participating in their team sports. I was a DWAC. I was one of that dad's who would complain about paying $13 for an 8X10. I would mumble and grumble "how damn hard is it to take a picture of a kid playing soccer?" Well as I found out, it is great deal harder than one would think. It looked easy because the people who were taking the photos were professionals. 

You are a full time Police Officer in Texas, how do you juggle the hazards and struggles of being an officer in this modern time, with the creativity and passion you have for photography?        

             Being a police officer today is a great deal different from when I started. It is much harder today with everything that is going on in society. I do my best to live up to my oath to protect and serve, treat people well and help give a positive side to law enforcement as I can. Take a bit more time explaining what is going on, why we do what we do. And I do my best to always remember that my job as a police officer is "What" I do, not "Who" I am. Photography is my outlet. I get to create beautiful images for people, I can turn on a POD cast, a music playlist, hell even a movie on Netflix in the background and disappear into my own little realm for many hours. It helps clear my mind. 

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Every person that knows you and spends time with you loves you. You are truly a beacon of light and a shining example of what people should be like. How do you maintain your positive attitude and fun personality when you have to see so much sadness in the world?

            Of all the questions this one is probably the most difficult to put into words. I live and work in a world that is driven by ego. I have been in law enforcement for over half my life. I have seen and been involved in situations that cannot be unseen. Having been through many difficult situations and hurdles in law enforcement has taught me to always look from a different perspective. Change my angle of view, be patient and let things develop. And a good friend/photographer Bob Bossinger taught me FBE, find beauty everywhere. The majority of people I come in contact are not hardened criminals. They are everyday people who have made a bad choice, or a mistake. There is no reason to be treated like a hardened criminal. I love my community, I love when I walk in a restaurant, grocery store of am just patrolling on duty and I hear someone call out "Hey officer Abbott". 

            One of the best things about being in the photography world is how the friends I have made come from literally all over the world, all walks of life, every demographic, rich poor. Yet we can all  sit together in a room and talk about this thing call photography. My closest friends, people who have literally dropped what the were doing and jumped on a plane to come see me in times of need, call and ask me how I am as a person long before we talk anything about images, if at all. I have had people who are considered the worlds best "Pay It Forward" to me, I feel it is my duty to do it for others as well. I wish I could name all of the people who have helped me. I say I a, self taught only because I did not a college or university and get a degree in photography. I have been guided by the best in the world, I will start with you, Renee Robyn, Warne and Paula Noyce, John-Mark Stevenson, Debbie Rogers, Melissa Williams, Tommy Cooper, Ben Shirk, Mike Long, Steve and Shelly Harrington, Sabina Cavalli, James Hodgins, Danny Rabalais, Craig Stidhem, Craig Lamere, Maria Sampaio...and SOOOO many more.

But above all else, what brings me my greatest joy (excluding my children) Karla Abbott, my true love, supporter...she is what fills all of the voids in my life:-)  


Your photography is so timeless. How would you describe your style?

I am not sure what I call my style...I like to say I try to capture "Them".   

    What is the toughest part of your photography journey so far?

      Self doubt

      As a person who has to conduct photography as a second career - what advice would you give to the newer photographers that are juggling a full time day job and a new photography passion/career?

      Take your time, hone your craft. Master each step before rushing into the next. LISTEN TO WHAT THE PEOPLE YOU TRUST TELL YOU...Never quit. Take a break if you need but do not quit. Even of you never get branch out as a full is an art for that lets you create...CREATE:-) 

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      What is your all time fav image, and why?

        A photo of my daughter I took one day when she had just come home from soccer practice. I was still learning how to use my camera and it was finally tack sharp. I had it made into a 16X20 canvas. She hates it, but It was my first images that came out the way I wanted.  

        If you could have one Photography related wish, what would that be?

        To be able to make a living in photography...not famous, not filthy rich, paid well, happy and content:-) 

        Where do you hope to be in 3 years?

        Simple better at this than I am now:-) 

        You can see more of Jason's work here: