Chasing Light Artistic Tools for Creatives

These are all the current available tutorials for product available in our store.  You may not see a tutorial for every action in our store, the reason for this is that all of our actions are built to operate almost the same way, all the time.  There are a few exceptions to this rule, however, when that is the case you will see a separate tutorial for that type here.  

Overlay & Texture Tutorials will show how to use all the image files in our store.  Don't forget to check out our Video Program's too!


Brand NEW Creative OVERLAY Bundle for 2019!!

The Complete Skin Toning Photoshop Action Set for all Skin Colors

Advanced Edits Action Set for Color Toning

Epiphany Set Tutorial

 *Please note, this action set has additional actions included not shown here

Retouch Set

New World Actions Set 1 of 3

New World Actions Set 2 of 3

New World Actions Set 3 of 3

Queen Bee Action